Random Cam Story:

Here we are again... This is a TRUE Story... So I was never into the whole web cam, cam 2 cam, chat room phenom like a lot of people are. I honestly didn't think much about it. I was a log on, click on this, click on that, whip it out, stroke it dry, log off kinda guy. So a couple months back, my buddy told me about a couple of websites such as omegle.com and chatroulette.com where you can randomly meet/talk/whatever with people all over the world. I found it intriguing and thought I would check it out for fun. What I discovered was I ended up seeing international dick from all over the world. It was amazing how many people from across the globe was pulling their pud rather than trying to converse with someone. I thought I would talk and ask people about their surroundings and day to day life, instead I ended up just clicking next to unburn my eyes of shlapping schlongs. But here is where it all changed.

One day I logged onto Omegle and thought this has got to be the last time I try to reach out and talk to the earth. I was on the web for about a couple of mins when I see a pair of large, lovely, tits confined by a screaming at the seams bra. I grinned from ear to ear. Then I saw those massive titties shake as if she was laughing at my smile. She writes "I guess you like wat you see." I write of course "Hella Yea!" So on with the conversation we talk about all the cocks I see and I never see chicks on here and if I do they always click next so fast that I can't even say hello. Well she asked since I finally got a girl on the web cam, did I want to talk or play? Of course, I am already sporting a chubby from watch her breasts jiggle as she typed so I play along. What do you have in mind I ask. She came out very bluntly, " I wanna watch you cum for my tits" That was all I needed. So I asked her to help motivate me and show me something. With that, she unhooks her bra to unleash the jugs of milk makers. She wasn't fat, but you could tell she had some meat on her bones. She starts playing with her nipples, teasing, twisting, pinching them. Pushing her titties together and licking each nipple.

At this point I am undressed and sliding my hand over my increasingly stiffer cock. I adjust my web cam down to focus on my strokes. Just then I see her smile with the hint of hunger. I see her lips want my cock. Her mouth opens slightly and bites her bottom lip. I start to gyrate my hips as if I was fucking her. We both get start to drift in our own carnal dream. I can hear her breathing, her moans, and her breathy words of "that's it, god I want that cock in me" I let out my own breathy comments on how I wanna fuck those titties, and betting her mouth could hug the cum outta me. I am now infatuated with a girl I just met and giving her the show of my life. I want it, I need it, I have to see more. I beg her to show me her pussy. She tells me she is soaking wet. I wanna see it, I want proof. She begs me to tell her what to do. She turns submissive and tells me she is my cock slave. I can't help but be so turned on by her that I start barking orders. Never had I had so much command.

I tell her to show me her pussy. Open it wide with her fingers, show me that gaping sloppy hole. She has a lil bit of hair neatly trimmed but enough to pinch as she opens the lips to see her cunt. She is pulsating her hole shich gives me even more drive to fuck my hand. I order her to finger fuck herself and taste her fingers and do it over and over. Meanwhile I milk my own precum and spreadit over my cock. I pull on my balls and grind my cock into my fingers. I want to be there with her, I want her to feel my cock. She engulfs her fingers and I fuck my hand to the rhythm of her fingers. As she licks her fingers I push my cock head to the cam so she can feed herself while imagining my cock in her mouth. She begs for my cum, over and over again. She starts screaming louder how much she needs my cock and how much needs my cum inside her. I get lost in this moment and ask her is that what she really wants? She begs yes. I tell my cock slave to show her titties and stick her tongue out so I have something to aim at. I increase my grip, increase my tempo, and get ready for one of the most prolific eruptions of my existence. Watching her swirl that tongue and gripping her breasts makes me lose it.

Out flys my cum splattering it against my screen. Each other spurt comes crashing down on my keyboard. Her tongue steadily licks at each shot so she doesn't miss a drop. I am telling her to taste it and lick it all up. She tells me how good it tastes and rubs her pussy and gets a load of her juices with it. I gently squeeze out every remaining drop of sperm I have to the order of her tongue. I am a mess, she is sweating trying to catch her breath. We exchange a couple of smiles and talk about our lustful moments. I thank her for making this the most erotic internet venture of my life. She thanks me and logs off.

I realized that for every 572 cocks you might see on these websites, you will get that one sexy crazed chick and she will blow you away. I am hooked. I honestly can say I love cam 2 cam sex. It can never be as good as the real deal but it is damn hot just for the random pussy from across the world.

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